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Greetings from Museum des Sciences Naturelles!

Since the holidays are coming around again, I’ll be reviewing some classic campaigns, this one is from New Year’s 2008 (I know, not THAT classic yet, but two years is a long time in advertising ūüėČ )

Well, this direct mail was sent to the employees and main sponsors of the museum in the form of a plaster block. In order to get to the greeting card they had to cut through the plaster with the provided hammer and chisel. A very creative idea that is sure to leave an impression!

Made by McCann Erickson Belgium.

Nissan Juke: iAd Comic Book

The new Nissan Juke gets a very neat iPhone application, nicely done and it keeps the product close to the user, but doesn’t force itself upon you.

The nice interaction with the user and the attempts at comedy make it a great ad for users to enjoy, not just look at and forget.
And well of course the advertisement for the application itself adds to the pleasure, not sure if the application would do better without it…

Made by TBWA LA

Entega: Igloo

Well, here’s a really creative one, definitely caught my eye!

Well, this is an igloo, not just any igloo, one built out of 322 fridges, who are open all the time. Cold on the outside, but warm on the inside, the heat inside the igloo is generated by the rejected heat from the fridges. The reason behind this whole campaign is to raise awareness for efficient use of energy. This installation is placed in Hamburg, Germany by the Entega company who wants to position themselves as a provider of green energy. The company wants to teach its customers to be efficient with that energy as well.

Message behind this campaign is: WASTEFULNESS IS THE BIGGEST SOURCE OF ENERGY. With more efficient use of energy, Germany could save 40%.

Made by DDB Germany

Parents of Child Road Victims: Slow Down

While listening to your music in the car, people have the tendency to drive too fast. This makes the risk of accidents much higher. Happiness Brussels created an app for OVK that slows down your music when you drive too fast. This way you are reminded to slow down too, in order to avoid an accident. Download the app for free:

Slow Down App from OVK on Vimeo.

This is a great idea, although I don’t see how people would really download this, but maybe it’s just the idea around it that could create more responsability. Fantastic idea though!

In 2007, Happiness Brussels launched a print campaign for OVK, titled: ‘To kids the road looks different’

Dos Equis: the most interesting man in the world

Bronze Winner at the 2010 Cannes Lions Awards, the Dos Equis beer brand commercials caught my eye. Why? I don’t really know, perhaps it’s the subtle reference to the Chuck Norris facts, or maybe just because he is… the most interesting man in the world!

So here it is, for your entertainment, the collection of all commercials about the most interesting man in the world!

And don’t forget: Stay thirsty my friends!

Coincidence, or not?

I was walking to school this week when I came upon this bus stop ad for Absolut. In true Absolut style, it gives the people a recipe for a Bloody Mary cocktail. Nothing wrong with that you’d say, it’s a style Absolut has been giving us for years, and it works, so why not?

Absolut Bloody

The extraordinary part started when I kept on walking, and literally just 20 metres further I saw another ad, for another wodka brand, named Poliakov. Well, maybe it’s a coincidence, not entirely impossible of course. But when I took a closer look upon the ad, I saw that this ad ALSO provided a recipe for a cocktail, and yes, by now you’ve guessed it, also a Bloody Mary cocktail. Is this a rare twist of fate, or is this just an attempt for Poliakov to try and steal some of the spotlight away from Absolut? So far I have learned that whenever something seems a coincidence in advertising, it’s probably not, but this one still puzzles me…


Let’s start off with a classic…

Sheer creative genius is what makes this ad so great, enjoy…