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Kobe Bryant is the Black Mamba!

In a cool over the top Robert Rodiguez way!

The Teletransporter revisited: The Andes Friend Recovery

Saatchi & Saatchi Argentina had found a solution for an old problem: what happens when a friend of yours has a girlfriend? Of course, he disappears from all your pleasant get-togethers to spend more time with his girlfriend. Saatchi & Saatchi has worked on a solution for this for the Andes beer brand, everything you need to know is in the movie, enjoy!

A while ago the same company launched a similar campaign, also with a hilarious result: the Andes Teletransporter!

Forget about the Packers, commercial breaks are so much better!

Yes, this years Super Bowl came and went, and therefore I should congratulate the Green Bay Packers on winning this massive event. Yet this post has nothing to do with sports in itself, still it has a lot to do with the magnitude of this event. For years companies have waged war to get a spot on the commercial breaks interlacing the event. For many companies it has become a way of showing off their creativity on a moment where so much people are watching, needless to say advertising space for this event is very expensive.

I’ve gathered some great examples of creativity or just plain fun commercials to watch, enjoy!

For more of these great commercials, be sure to visit Buzzing Bees!

Doritos: House Sitting

Audi: Release The Hounds

Coca Cola: The Border

Volkswagen: The Force (just because I’m such a Star Wars geek I guess)

Best Buy: Bieber & Ozzy (yeah, what’s a Bieber anyway?)

For more of these great commercials, be sure to visit Buzzing Bees!

Prime: Big Series

The biggest series crammed into the tiniest miniatures, I think the rest just speaks for itself. I just like the idea of simplicity in it, and the theory of ‘boys and their toys’ I guess, enjoy!

PRIME BIG SERIES – SMALL SCREEN from steven huybrechts on Vimeo.

Via Laughing Squid