Monthly Archives: April 2011

Mr. Lee: Tailor to superheroes and villains

A great idea that gathered a lot of media attention (read: free media attention!).

To promote the oncoming game ‘DC Universe Online’, Playstation and Leo Burnett Iberia joined (super)forces in this creative campaign where people could have themselves dressed as superheroes or villains so they could feel what it’s like to walk around in tights all day.

For those interested: I think there’s a really long waiting list, sorry!

Fresh Green Ads: Rain Campaign

Fresh Green Ads is a company specialised in creating these lovely (and environmentally sound) adverts. Simple yet so brilliant!

Apart from these adverts that only show their true form during rain, the company also specializes in other curious advertising means, such as crop advertising or sand advertising, be sure to check out their website!

Friskies: Get a cat!

Made by JWT Johannesburg

Skittles: More absurdness!

Just like it should!

The Independent: Litany

I felt like posting a classic today, I don’t think any other words matter here, just enjoy this masterpiece…

Old Spice: Jungle Wilderness


Different product line, different guy

SAS: Up For Grabs

A cool and interactive way of travelling promotions, too bad Facebook shut it down prematurely…

Made by CP+B Europe

Canal+: I want to make an action/animated/horror/porn-movie

Made by BETC EURO RSCG, Paris France

Desperados: YouTube takeover

Tequila flavoured beer brand Desperados takes over Youtube in a new fashion. Sure, these takeovers aren’t new, but the succesful integration of Facebook Connect and the high level of interactivity make it stand out that little bit more, and that’s what matters. This campaign reminds me of last years Tipp-ex takeover (if you haven’t seen it, shame on you!)

Be sure to try it out for yourself:

Aides: Welcome to the world of sex

Made by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco USA