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Communication out of the ordinary, a fresh new way of advertising is what this category is all about.

T-Mobile: Angry Birds Live

Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz: Drunk valet

To increase awareness about drunk driving, Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz did an experiment. They let a drunk valet (an actor of course) park the customers’ cars. People refused to give up their keys, and the message was delivered on the back of a parking ticket: Never let a drunk driver take your car, even if that driver is you.

All I can say is… Great idea, I’m sure it made the message stick to the people involved, which is very hard to do in drunk-driving advertising.

Norte: The best excuse for drinking… ever!

V Energy: Paintball truck

840 paintball gun barrels, that’s all I’m saying… 840…

Be sure to check out V Energy with more on the Paintball Machine.

Plus: A little extra on ‘the making of’ of this project

TED: TEDtaxis

Although I’ve seen this type of approach before (using people who work in a very social environment to be an ambassador to your brand), this remains a brilliant idea, what works better for your brand than good old-fashioned word of mouth?

Made by Ogilvy Buenos Aires

NOAH: Eggmachine

Made by Publicis Frankfurt

Budweiser: Poolball

Too bad you need a really big table for this one…

Made by Ogilvy Argentina

Mr. Lee: Tailor to superheroes and villains

A great idea that gathered a lot of media attention (read: free media attention!).

To promote the oncoming game ‘DC Universe Online’, Playstation and Leo Burnett Iberia joined (super)forces in this creative campaign where people could have themselves dressed as superheroes or villains so they could feel what it’s like to walk around in tights all day.

For those interested: I think there’s a really long waiting list, sorry!

Fresh Green Ads: Rain Campaign

Fresh Green Ads is a company specialised in creating these lovely (and environmentally sound) adverts. Simple yet so brilliant!

Apart from these adverts that only show their true form during rain, the company also specializes in other curious advertising means, such as crop advertising or sand advertising, be sure to check out their website!

Wonderbra: Trampoline fitting booth

This special fitting booth gives women the opportunity to test the Wonderbra strapless models to see if they stay in place. Just watch the movie, I know you want to…

Made by Publicis Brussels.