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Turkcell: #turkcelltweet

Fantastic concept and great use of  Twitter!

Heineken: The Invite

This is a student project out of the Miami Ad School Hamburg, but nonetheless a great idea for Heineken’s very social approach on the brand.

MTV: The music never stops… popping

Ben&Jerry’s Fair Tweets

This application allows Ben&Jerry’s to use your leftover characters to promote fair trade, great idea that literally leaves nothing to waste!

SAS: Up For Grabs

A cool and interactive way of travelling promotions, too bad Facebook shut it down prematurely…

Made by CP+B Europe

Desperados: YouTube takeover

Tequila flavoured beer brand Desperados takes over Youtube in a new fashion. Sure, these takeovers aren’t new, but the succesful integration of Facebook Connect and the high level of interactivity make it stand out that little bit more, and that’s what matters. This campaign reminds me of last years Tipp-ex takeover (if you haven’t seen it, shame on you!)

Be sure to try it out for yourself:

Magnum: Pleasure Hunt

This advergame for Magnum is going to rob you of some of your free time, it’s that much fun, you’ve been warned!

Magnum Pleasure Hunt

It will take you on a journey around the web, you’ll be surprised on what you’re going to find…

Amnesty International: You can’t wipe away human rights

Perhaps a little annoying if you would come across this ad at first, but still a creative way of delivering a message. This ad will be included in the first online edition of the German newspaper Die Welt.

Made by TBWA Germany.

Kobe Bryant is the Black Mamba!

In a cool over the top Robert Rodiguez way!

iGo My Way: Santa is real!

Take your time to read this nice piece of advertising for iGo, a company specialised in navigation devices. Made by Benedict & Helfer Hungary.