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Outdoor ads can go from ads on the bus stop or huge billboards, a great way to spotlight your brand or product.

V Energy: Paintball truck

840 paintball gun barrels, that’s all I’m saying… 840…

Be sure to check out V Energy with more on the Paintball Machine.

Plus: A little extra on ‘the making of’ of this project

Fresh Green Ads: Rain Campaign

Fresh Green Ads is a company specialised in creating these lovely (and environmentally sound) adverts. Simple yet so brilliant!

Apart from these adverts that only show their true form during rain, the company also specializes in other curious advertising means, such as crop advertising or sand advertising, be sure to check out their website!

Tropicana: Natural energy

Made by DDB France.

Also for Tropicana (made a while back), bringing the sun back to Inuvik:

Hot Wheels: Ambient billboard excellence!

Made by Ogilvy & Mather Colombia.

Volkswagen: Silent band

Made by Ogilvy Kaapstad

Via BuzzingBees

Caribou Coffee: Oven

Alright, alright, perhaps I owe you a more tasty ad this time. This one is a very creative way to transform surroundings in order to stand out and deliver the message. This ad was made by Colle+McVoy (USA) for Caribou Coffee, who wanted their breakfast sandwiches promoted. The key in this campaign was to (literally) warm up commuters for these hot treats. Transforming bus stalls into ovens, people got a taste of what it’s like having a good warm sandwich in a cold winter.

So once again I say: Bon appetit!

Coincidence, or not?

I was walking to school this week when I came upon this bus stop ad for Absolut. In true Absolut style, it gives the people a recipe for a Bloody Mary cocktail. Nothing wrong with that you’d say, it’s a style Absolut has been giving us for years, and it works, so why not?

Absolut Bloody

The extraordinary part started when I kept on walking, and literally just 20 metres further I saw another ad, for another wodka brand, named Poliakov. Well, maybe it’s a coincidence, not entirely impossible of course. But when I took a closer look upon the ad, I saw that this ad ALSO provided a recipe for a cocktail, and yes, by now you’ve guessed it, also a Bloody Mary cocktail. Is this a rare twist of fate, or is this just an attempt for Poliakov to try and steal some of the spotlight away from Absolut? So far I have learned that whenever something seems a coincidence in advertising, it’s probably not, but this one still puzzles me…