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Absolut: Illusion Edition

Oh well, just because I’m a nut for packaging stuff I guess…

Absolut Vodka has created a tradition over the years for coming up with new designs to decorate their iconic bottle and promoting its distinctive shape, so this example is no different.

The Absolut Illusion Edition bottle does what it proclaims to be, when slowly turned, the bottle should be creating the illusion that the label is not on the bottle, but floating inside the precious liquid itself. Also, the Absolut stamp on the bottle is said to appear floating as well when tipped sideways.

The question is: can you see it?

Smirnoff: Peelable Bottles

I am a very big fan of a creative approach on packaging, there’s just so much you can do with it, and here’s a great example of how it’s done:

These bottles were designed for the fruity flavours of Smirnoff, brilliant from tip to toe, even in the way the bottle peels!

Designed by JWT Brasil

Via Comunicadores.