NOAH: Eggmachine

Made by Publicis Frankfurt


MTV: The music never stops… popping

Ben&Jerry’s Fair Tweets

This application allows Ben&Jerry’s to use your leftover characters to promote fair trade, great idea that literally leaves nothing to waste!

Hell Pizza hopes Osama enjoys his stay…

(In)famous for it’s cheeky advertising, New Zealand’s Hell Pizza broke the mold on this one! Following the death of Osama Bin Laden they acted quick and produced this Top topical, a rather quick reaction to the terrorist’s death. This advert was on the cover of the New Zealand Herald.

I wonder who’s next to exploit this? All I know is I can’t wait…

Hat tip to BuzzingBees

What else has Hell Pizza done lately?

A bit like Jesus….

Deliver me to hell interactive zombie movie

Ayudin: Clean Dishes, Clean Taste

If you think advertising for washing up liquid is all about shiny plates and fake smiles in perfect families, well… you’re probably right… but not this time! The argentinian brand Ayudin takes a different approach, and I like it, even if it is disgusting!

Their approach is simple: Clean dishes, clean taste. Nobody wants to taste last night’s dinner in today’s dessert. Through a series of tv and print ads, they sent out this message in a vintage advertising style promoting ‘tasty’ foods such as the FishChocolate or SausageFlan, yum!

This campaign was made by Grey Argentina.

Budweiser: Poolball

Too bad you need a really big table for this one…

Made by Ogilvy Argentina

Mr. Lee: Tailor to superheroes and villains

A great idea that gathered a lot of media attention (read: free media attention!).

To promote the oncoming game ‘DC Universe Online’, Playstation and Leo Burnett Iberia joined (super)forces in this creative campaign where people could have themselves dressed as superheroes or villains so they could feel what it’s like to walk around in tights all day.

For those interested: I think there’s a really long waiting list, sorry!

Fresh Green Ads: Rain Campaign

Fresh Green Ads is a company specialised in creating these lovely (and environmentally sound) adverts. Simple yet so brilliant!

Apart from these adverts that only show their true form during rain, the company also specializes in other curious advertising means, such as crop advertising or sand advertising, be sure to check out their website!

Friskies: Get a cat!

Made by JWT Johannesburg

Skittles: More absurdness!

Just like it should!