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Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz: Drunk valet

To increase awareness about drunk driving, Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz did an experiment. They let a drunk valet (an actor of course) park the customers’ cars. People refused to give up their keys, and the message was delivered on the back of a parking ticket: Never let a drunk driver take your car, even if that driver is you.

All I can say is… Great idea, I’m sure it made the message stick to the people involved, which is very hard to do in drunk-driving advertising.

Friskies: Get a cat!

Made by JWT Johannesburg

Skittles: More absurdness!

Just like it should!

The Independent: Litany

I felt like posting a classic today, I don’t think any other words matter here, just enjoy this masterpiece…

Bic: Human Curling

Absurd is the word in this one, smooth!

Smirnoff: Peelable Bottles

I am a very big fan of a creative approach on packaging, there’s just so much you can do with it, and here’s a great example of how it’s done:

These bottles were designed for the fruity flavours of Smirnoff, brilliant from tip to toe, even in the way the bottle peels!

Designed by JWT Brasil

Via Comunicadores.

Hot Wheels: Ambient billboard excellence!

Made by Ogilvy & Mather Colombia.