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Ayudin: Clean Dishes, Clean Taste

If you think advertising for washing up liquid is all about shiny plates and fake smiles in perfect families, well… you’re probably right… but not this time! The argentinian brand Ayudin takes a different approach, and I like it, even if it is disgusting!

Their approach is simple: Clean dishes, clean taste. Nobody wants to taste last night’s dinner in today’s dessert. Through a series of tv and print ads, they sent out this message in a vintage advertising style promoting ‘tasty’ foods such as the FishChocolate or SausageFlan, yum!

This campaign was made by Grey Argentina.

Budweiser: Poolball

Too bad you need a really big table for this one…

Made by Ogilvy Argentina

The Teletransporter revisited: The Andes Friend Recovery

Saatchi & Saatchi Argentina had found a solution for an old problem: what happens when a friend of yours has a girlfriend? Of course, he disappears from all your pleasant get-togethers to spend more time with his girlfriend. Saatchi & Saatchi has worked on a solution for this for the Andes beer brand, everything you need to know is in the movie, enjoy!

A while ago the same company launched a similar campaign, also with a hilarious result: the Andes Teletransporter!