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Nissan Juke: iAd Comic Book

The new Nissan Juke gets a very neat iPhone application, nicely done and it keeps the product close to the user, but doesn’t force itself upon you.

The nice interaction with the user and the attempts at comedy make it a great ad for users to enjoy, not just look at and forget.
And well of course the advertisement for the application itself adds to the pleasure, not sure if the application would do better without it…

Made by TBWA LA

Parents of Child Road Victims: Slow Down

While listening to your music in the car, people have the tendency to drive too fast. This makes the risk of accidents much higher. Happiness Brussels created an app for OVK that slows down your music when you drive too fast. This way you are reminded to slow down too, in order to avoid an accident. Download the app for free:

Slow Down App from OVK on Vimeo.

This is a great idea, although I don’t see how people would really download this, but maybe it’s just the idea around it that could create more responsability. Fantastic idea though!

In 2007, Happiness Brussels launched a print campaign for OVK, titled: ‘To kids the road looks different’