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Coincidence, or not?

I was walking to school this week when I came upon this bus stop ad for Absolut. In true Absolut style, it gives the people a recipe for a Bloody Mary cocktail. Nothing wrong with that you’d say, it’s a style Absolut has been giving us for years, and it works, so why not?

Absolut Bloody

The extraordinary part started when I kept on walking, and literally just 20 metres further I saw another ad, for another wodka brand, named Poliakov. Well, maybe it’s a coincidence, not entirely impossible of course. But when I took a closer look upon the ad, I saw that this ad ALSO provided a recipe for a cocktail, and yes, by now you’ve guessed it, also a Bloody Mary cocktail. Is this a rare twist of fate, or is this just an attempt for Poliakov to try and steal some of the spotlight away from Absolut? So far I have learned that whenever something seems a coincidence in advertising, it’s probably not, but this one still puzzles me…