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Turkcell: #turkcelltweet

Fantastic concept and great use of  Twitter!

Ben&Jerry’s Fair Tweets

This application allows Ben&Jerry’s to use your leftover characters to promote fair trade, great idea that literally leaves nothing to waste!

Tweet for a beer at Safeco Field

Thirsty? Too tired to call for someone to bring you a drink? There is a solution my friends!

At the American baseball stadium Safeco Field you’ve got the option of tweeting the beer vendor your seat number and order and he will bring you a cold one! Amazing! What wouldn’t Americans do to avoid physical labour, right?

Kevin Zelco, a vendor at Safeco Field, home to the Seattle Mariners, hopes this will make his job a lot easier. Since there are over 47.000 seats in the stadium, no wonder using new means like Twitter could make his job a lot easier!

‘Since the beginning of beer vendors, we’ve been walking up and down the aisles seeing who wants a beer. I’m going to try to change that.’

So far @MsBeerVendor has over 1000 followers!