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Colgate: Pizza box

Doesn’t matter if you like this one or not, I really think this is a good idea which is neatly executed by Colgate. These pizza boxes were delivered to your doorstep containing the pizza you just ordered a couple of minutes ago, only with a little message attached to it. Key insight for this campaign was not to wake up with the breath of last night’s dinner, thus promoting the Colgate brand.

This ad was created by Y&R France.

Bon appetit!

Greetings from Museum des Sciences Naturelles!

Since the holidays are coming around again, I’ll be reviewing some classic campaigns, this one is from New Year’s 2008 (I know, not THAT classic yet, but two years is a long time in advertising 😉 )

Well, this direct mail was sent to the employees and main sponsors of the museum in the form of a plaster block. In order to get to the greeting card they had to cut through the plaster with the provided hammer and chisel. A very creative idea that is sure to leave an impression!

Made by McCann Erickson Belgium.